Parque Retiro, Madrid

My name is Tori and my husband is Eric, an officer in the Canadian Navy and we were posted on exchange to Bristol, England in 2019 for 3 years! We have a 12-year-old daughter, Sophie, who has Type 1 diabetes, which we try to not let control our lives but are often unsuccessful. We are always counting carbohydrates and calculating insulin doses! On top of Sophie’s diabetes, I also have multiple sclerosis, which poses many of its own challenges when travelling- I can’t walk too far at one time, and we need to make certain modifications to the typical tourist’s plans.

We have lived all over- Kingston, Ontario; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Boston, Massachusetts; Ottawa, Ontario; Victoria, British Columbia; and now Bristol, England! We’ve travelled a lot both individually (well, Eric and I have) and as a family. Now, we’re enjoying exploring Europe and its delights with our pre-teen daughter who is the perfect age for this! (Not so young that we need to find kid-friendly activities for her to do, but not an old enough teen to be totally ‘over’ hanging with her parents).

We look forward to our continuing adventures and counting carbohydrates all over England and Europe! There will be a lot of highs and lows along the way – both literally and figuratively (type 1 diabetics’ blood glucose often goes quite high after a very carb-y meal and then can go low with too much insulin or exercise- or a million other reasons.). We’re going to try to document our triumphs and failures as we go and celebrate every small success!