Windsor Castle

We’re still trying to see bits and pieces of the UK while on Covid-imposed staycation, so we decided to head over to Windsor for the day and tour the chosen home of the Queen for 2020 (she and Prince Phillip weathered most of the lockdown at Windsor until early August and it was just announced today that when they return from Scotland, they won’t go to Buckingham but will return to Windsor for the rest of 2020)

The quadrangle
An example of the detail everywhere in the palace…. Sorry I couldn’t get more photos

We had a beautiful, 1-hour tour of the Royal apartments— unfortunately, there is no photography allowed indoors!!! However, I didn’t know this at first. The signs are remarkably small and I was honestly too engrossed with the beauty of the palace to see them. None of us saw any signs! So I got one photo before I was told to put my camera away:

But I honestly didn’t know the rule and I put it away promptly and felt genuinely awful. I am not one to sneak photos when we’re asked not to. But I’m also not one to delete a perfectly good photo that I took before I knew better….

One thing that was cool- as they were renovating a room and removed some paintings for maintenance, it revealed a series of fun pantomime paintings made for Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret during WWII that got covered back up after the war, and have only been revealed once, in 1992, since then. It was neat to see and I really didn’t miss seeing the original portraits by Sir Thomas Lawrence.

Right now, they have the East Terrace Garden open on weekends in August and September for the first time in decades- the Queen’s private rose garden!!! This is because of Covid and we have the social space to walk through without ruining it.

The East end of Windsor Castle

We even got a selfie:

You can only get into the castle if you pre-book your tickets (tip: blue badge holders get in for a child’s price and a carer gets in for free!) so we had to look ahead at the weather for the weekend and decided that Sunday had the better weather forecast. But a Sunday ticket also means that we can’t access St. Georges Chapel. Oh well, it was worth it because Saturday was really crap weather.

The outside of St. Georges Chapel… We weren’t even allowed in front, only at the side. Oh well.

We then toured the little shop and I could have spent a small fortune. I bought cookies just to have the tin, as well as a couple nice Christmas tree ornaments. The shopping bag alone was worth the price, though!!

We are planning on a proper good afternoon tea with them this week!

After our time at the castle, we wandered around Windsor a bit and ate Sunday roast at a local pub. We even saw Eton school.

Windsor street across from the castle
The Thames, about 2 blocks from the castle

All in all it was a neat day. Covid is messing up a heck of a lot of plans, but it is also presenting us with a few weird and different opportunities. We were told that Windsor Castle usually has 11000 people a day visit in the summer in normal times. Now, they’re admitting only 3000 a day. So, we got to tour this beautiful, massive castle at less than 1/3 capacity. We felt like we had the place to ourselves. We got to see the rose garden, which hasn’t been open to the public for decades- how lucky!

Sure, a lot of our plans have been cancelled, and a lot more will be. But we’ll try and appreciate the small perks we do get.

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