We have found a home! Our offer to let has been accepted! It is a lovely home in north Bristol, on a very family-friendly road.

One of the things we find so neat about our new home is that it has no street number. It is next door to #1 but our house is left with no number – only a name! We will live at Churston House. This is so quintessentially British and actually exciting to us! (But a total bitch to put into nav systems!)

The house has 3 bedrooms plus a 4th is converted to a dressing room/walk-in wardrobe. There is a large reception room, large hallways, and a conservatory! It is also equipped with most of our Canadian standard-of-living amenities like large kitchen with dishwasher (though a standard small English oven), a chest freezer, and a utility room with sink, washer, and dryer. We can’t wait to live here!

Our house is lovely. It has 2 off-street parking spots, which is rare and a huge plus for this area!
The gardens are so nice! And there’s a garden house (shed-type house we can use as a room – it was an office for the owners)

We’ve sent photos to Sophie to show her the house and her room, and she is so excited to garden and tend to these pretty flowers. Good- I’ll need help! Also, she has a great idea for a colour scheme for her bedroom of white, pink, gold, and black- and there’s a bedroom that has all black lacquered trim (baseboard and window-wells) that will perfectly match her style.
Every time we have a move, she gets to redesign her bedroom with new colours, new blankets, and even some new furniture (in this case, she’s in need of a new dresser). Yes, this is pretty shameless bribery, but it really helps her look forward to a big move and see the bright side of leaving what she knows and loves in order to go on a new adventure!

Speaking of Sophie back at home, they’ve all been doing a wonderful job on her glucose levels. She’s been running a bit higher than normal, but we’re completely fine with that in order to avoid dangerous lows. We’re so thankful for Dexcom and the ability to check in and see how things are going. It also makes caring for Sophie much easier on my parents. What an amazing thing technology can be!!

Now, we’re touring schools in the area and putting in applications. They’re all currently full but we’re hoping some students leave this year and open a spot for Sophie. We’ve also visited the local GP clinic and will be able to register with them just before moving so that we can have an immediate doctor visit upon getting here. We need to make sure Sophie can get a referral to the Paediatric Diabetic Clinic ASAP.

We leave tomorrow to go back to Canada and are so happy we’ve had a successful house hunting trip – got what we needed here in Bristol and Sophie is okay and healthy back home!

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