Getting acquainted with Bristol

Bristol Cathedral

Well after a 9+ hour flight (and about 14 hours total of travelling), we made it to Bristol. We were so tired that we checked into our hotel, got some take-away fish & chips, then passed out before 8pm. Of course, we were awake multiple times in the night from jet-lag and then a few issues at home they needed to call us about.
(First, Sophie’s Dexcom stopped transmitting which we got fixed, then the dog got sick and needed an emergent vet visit, then our internet/cable/phone service got disconnected because the company wrote down 16 June instead of 16 July!!!)

But that’s okay- we’re here and awake today! We spent a few hours wandering around the city centre – we couldn’t go in Bristol cathedral because of course it was Sunday morning services. We went to Cabot Circus, the local city centre shopping area – sort of an out-of-doors shopping mall, with both upper-scale and common stores alike – a wide assortment.

A small jutting-out of the river. This is right at our hotel, and the stairs at the forefront of the photo are covered in water, a small waterfall.
Just some snapshots of the streets (Most of Bristol streets were closed to traffic today due to a public bicycle ride)
City Hall

So tomorrow we start our work week – meetings at the bank are first up. As well as conferences with our rental agent about which houses he is going to show us (to make sure we’re on the same page before we start house-hunting on Tuesday).

Hopefully things at home get easier for everyone. At least even with all the hiccups, the kiddo’s BG has been fantastic and that seems to be the least of my parents’ problems right now…… knock on wood.

Will update more later this week when hopefully we have an idea of which house we’ve chosen and where we plan to be living!

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