‘Meet the Poulin Family’

Here we are! On the cusp of our adventure!

Hi! We’re the Poulins. We’re a Canadian military family being posted to Bristol, England for the next 3 years! We are so looking forward to the adventure of living abroad in the UK and exploring England and all of Europe!

This is the introduction sheet I wrote up for potential landlords ahead of our house-hunting tripIt’s heavy on the dog info because a lot of landlords are iffy about renting to pets. How could you say no to that face?

Right now though, we’re still here in Canada for a few more months. I will keep you updated as we go and then the point of this blog is to share our adventures over the next 3 years!
Moving to the other side of the world is a crazy roller coaster with so much work, so many road blocks, so many hurdles, and so many challenges – – – so many highs and lows!

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